sporting clay shooting in Bay of Plenty since 1984

Experience the excitement of Sporting Claybirds in Bay of Plenty

At Equine Sporting Claybirds in Bay of Plenty, we pride ourselves as being a highly innovative course where people of all skill levels can excel and take part in the fun. If you wish to view our grounds and clubhouse, please call us to arrange a visit. We will be delighted to show you around and answer your questions.

A day or even a weekend at Equine Sporting Claybirds promises to be an enthralling experience. Our clay bird shooting course welcomes shooters from Bay of Plenty and all over NZ every day.

The Property

Equine Sporting Claybirds sits on 625 acres of native bush and features 70,000 ornamentals. The land was first acquired in 1984 and subsequently pheasant, partridge, quail and a herd of Danish fallow deer were introduced.

The Courses

The Classic Course

The clay bird shooting course was designed by well-known local sportsman Bill Hamill. 2000 meters long, the course spreads across two fields and features 50 targets and 36 separate shooting stations. The targets simulate the habits of wild game, pheasant, rabbit, duck and more. You can choose from 20 different traps, while clay targets are released at different heights and speeds to imitate various wildlife. This gives the shooter an experience as close to the real thing as possible. Gates open for four people with a maximum of 60 guests able to be catered for in one session.

Silkwood Gully

Silkwood Gully is a walk in contradiction. So compact anyone can walk its entire surrounds in just a few minutes and yet within that small picturesque space of both New Zealand Indigenous and imported Deciduous trees and bush a variety of stations give practice and education to the newest of shooters and challenges to the proficient. The casual walk through the series of 50m plus targets gives the impression of a journey longer than it is and the targets of the high tower offer to challenge the metal of the Olympian, while leaving enough room for everyone to try.

The other targets give you an insight into the world of the rough shooter, the wildfowler and the man driven to shoot driven birds on a peg..... And yes, the high tower..... putting birds to an elevation simulating the best of driven birds or the most sea bound wedge of swan. It will have you scratching your head, checking you barrel and embracing your best mate with success. You leave the surrounds of “The Lodge” to walk the short course, and arrive back with stories of accomplishment and learning experiences and vows to return all to be recounted over a casual glass of chardonnay, again at “The Lodge”.

The Lodge

We are immensely proud of our contemporary style Lockwood chalet, a recent addition. Purpose built to complement the course, it provides a relaxing environment to unwind and reflect on the day’s activity. There are beautiful native timber dining tables capable of catering for up to 30+ guests, surrounded by a schist stone fireplace offering an all-weather venue. You can even partake in the famous Flying Stag BBQ, which consists of a pheasant and venison burger with crisp salads and breads all complemented by a glass of award-winning NZ wine.

Driven Pheasant

We are the first licensed driven pheasant shooting preserve in New Zealand. Across a varied backdrop of plantation woodland, punctuated by open paddocks and native-covered banks, there are plentiful pheasants for great live game shooting opportunities. Our experienced team is on hand to ensure safety at all times and to guide and encourage the inexperienced. In addition you will enjoy a great lunch and at close of shooting can join the rest of your team for a drink by the clubhouse fire. As evidence of your success you can take a brace or two of the pheasants you shot home for your family’s table.

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