New Zealand's premiere sporting claybird field

Sporting claybirds in an idyllic Bay of Plenty setting

Welcome to Equine Sporting Claybirds, New Zealand's premiere sporting claybird field. Ideally located in Bay of Plenty, you will get to experience the exhilaration and challenge of sporting claybirds, whilst being surrounded by gorgeous native bush.

You need bring nothing with you except suitable clothing. However, if you have a favourite gun you’re welcome to bring it.

Please contact Kim Kenny today for more informtion or to make a booking.


A Unique Sporting Claybird Experience

Ensuring the most realistic experience possible, our expansive field has been designed to re-create the flight patterns of all common game birds. Our woodland has been expertly planted to truly capture hunting’s lasting magnetism. You will hear the trees rustle and whisper as all your senses sharpen and tingle. On our grounds you can enjoy shooting to a standard that shooters from all over the world are already becoming envious of.

The field has the flexibility to satisfy both the novice hitting a clay target for the first time, and the seasoned shooter looking for a challenge. This flexibility makes the sport an ideal ‘time out’ activity when you have a business meeting, client incentive or conference activity.

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